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From Israel to Costa Rica. Singapore to Portugal. From Fortune 500 to local farmers. Financing and enabling access to high quality credits that reduce carbon emissions with integrity and transparency.

Explore some of our recent projects below.



Eco Energy has established a breakthrough facility for generating electricity from agricultural waste and animal manure. The facility utilizes the significant amount of waste accumulated in the Golan Heights and its surroundings, resulting in a significant reduction in methane emissions from decomposing organic matter
Developer: Eco Energy
Location: Golan Heights
Estimated Emission Reductions:
100,000 ton CO₂ eq/yr
Project Type: Avoidance
Project Status: Draft
Sector: Energy/Energy + Agriculture


All Recycling is the first company in Israel to establish large electronic waste recycling facilities for LDAs (Large Domestic Appliances), which includes refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. The facility will meet the European CENELEC standard. Inter alia the company recycles refrigerant gas, is one of the most prominent and harmful greenhouse gasses that are currently released into the air.
Developer: All Recycling
Location: Sderot
Estimated Emission Reductions:
50,000 ton CO₂ eq/yr
Project Type: Avoidance
Project Status: Under Development
Sector: Electronic Waste


Shachar Group Ltd specializes in the treatment and recycling of industrial food waste. The company  initially separates the food from its packaging and other contaminants. This high-quality and efficient separation enables the use of each of the separated components as raw materials for various other industries.
Developer: Shahar Group LTD
Location: Timorim
Project Type: Avoidance
Credits Issued: 62,737ton CO₂ eq
Status: Certified (Link to registry)
Sector: Industrial Food Waste
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